The Japanese Society of Chiropractic Science

The Japanese Society of Chiropractic Science (JSCS) which was established as a research arm of the Japanese Association of Chiropractors, promotes an evidence-based, patient-centered, inter-professional and integrative care in chiropractic practice.

The main objective of the society is to advance scientific skills and knowledge of chiropractors in relation to safety and effectiveness in chiropractic practice. The society holds a research conference annually in order to assist chiropractors who completed the international WHO-standards education to update their scientific knowledge regarding safety and effectiveness in chiropractic practice including spinal manipulation/adjustments. The society has been publishing a journal called, ‘the Japanese Journal of Chiropractic Science’ (JJCS) since 1984.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Masayoshi Tsuruoka, PhD (Teikyo-Heisei University)

Vice-Chairman: Seika Kamohara, MD PhD (Health Science University)

Editor in Chief: Yoshiaki Takeyachi, MD, DC, PhD (Tokyo College of Chiropractic)

Planning Committee: Tomohiko Wakatsuki, DC (Wakatsuki Chiropractic)

Administrative Officer: Kaori Yanagisawa

Annual Research Conference

  • 1983: 1st Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Nihon Seinen Kaikan in Tokyo.
  • 1985: 2nd Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Asakusa View Hotel in Tokyo.
  • 1987: 3rd Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at National Kyoto International Hall in Kyoto.
  • 1989: 4th Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Kanazawa Kanko Hall in Kanazawa.
  • 1991: 5th Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Kagoshima Civic Cuktural Hall in Kagoshima.
  • 1993: 6th Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Loyton Sapporo in Sapporo.
  • 1995: 7th Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel in Yokohama.
  • 2018: 8th Clinical Chiropractic Symposium at Tsukuba University Tokyo campus in Tokyo.
  • 2018: 9th JSCS Annual Research Conference at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
  • 2019: 10th JSCS Annual Research Conference at Showa Women’s University in Tokyo.
The 10th Annual Research Conference 2019

Keynote Speakers

  • Kan JIKIHARA, MPE (Vice-President, Professor of Joetsu University of Education)
    “Attentional focus and motor learning”
  • Koji OTANI, MD, DMSc (Professor of Fukushima Medical University)
    “Attempting to cope with non-specific low back pain”
  • Toshio MORIZANE, MD, PhD (Visiting Chief Researcher of Japan Council for Quality Health Care)
    “Overview of Evidence-Based Medicine and Certainty of Evidence”
  • Kyoko KITAZAWA, MSc (Visiting Professor of Kyoto Phermaceutical University)
    “Promoting “choosing wisely” in healthcare”
  • Takeshi KAWAMOTO (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
    “Statutory regulations, current status and tasks of Healthcare delivery system”
  • Kei TAKEYACHI, DC (Director of Tokyo Chiropractic, JAC president)
    “Considering the importance of EPIC in chiropractic clinical practice”

Invited Lecturer

  • Hirofumi NAKATSUKA, DC (Director of Nakatsuka Chiropractic Office, former JAC president)
    “Nutrition for endurance athletes”

Japanese Journal of Chiropractic Science

      • Vol.1 (September, 1984); Vol.2 No.1 (March, 1986); Vol.2 No.2 (October, 1986); Vol.3 No.1 (March, 1987); Vol.3 No.2 (October, 1987); Vol.4 No.1 (March, 1988); Vol.4 No.2 (November, 1988); Vol.5 No.1 (March, 1989); Vol.5 No.2 (November, 1989); Vol.6 No.1 (April, 1990); Vol.7 No.1 (August, 1991); Vol.7 No.2 (November, 1991); Vol.8 No.1 (March, 1992); Vol.9 No.1 (November, 2019)